Steel Stamps and Marking Dies

Flat and Step Stamps: Flat type stamps are held into a holder with a set screw. This method is recommended for use only in applications with smaller forces and minimal machine vibrations. Step style stamps are held into a holder with a plate or clip. This method offers very easy changing of the marking legend.


Groove Stamps: Groove type stamps are held into a holder with a spring clip or pin. This pin is made of spring steel, and is designed to withstand impact forces. Groove stamps comes in a variety of standard configurations: CMG, CMC and CMV.

Round Insert Stamps: For use in CMT air impact markers with rod style "B", as well as the No. 8 inspector's hammer. Also useful in clamping devices for station code numbers.


Standard Punches: For staking or seating, Columbia offers standard punches in your choice of 60, 90 or 120 degree angles.


Hot Stamping Stamps: Flat Face stamps made specifically for hot stamping machines and applications. They come in Flat, Step and Double Step Style as well as Round Inserts, with a variety of flat character face heights available. 



Radial Press Holder/Stamps: CMR Radial Type holders are designed to specific customer requirements for marking circular impressions on flat surfaces. They are ideal for marking gear blanks, cutter, pulleys, shafts, bearings, wheels and bushings.


Custom Stamps/Dies: Columbia is skilled at making any type of custom stamp or die, including logos and signatures.


Stamp Boxes: Sturdy steel or wooden boxes allow for easy organization of stamps. The steel stamp box is finished with rust and acid resistant enamel, and the wooden stamp box will also hold a HG or H series hand holder. Additional Information

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